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Weekly conversations gets real candid when best friends talk. Grab a glass of wine and sit back and relax with your new best friends.


After the recent events that occurred in Congress this week, we had to take time to speak about what the heck just happened in DC. As crazy as it was to watch, it was just as interesting to speak about with a diverse group of people. The discussions were centered around the images and videos, that were seen all over the media. This included everyones different perspective, and why they felt the way they felt. We also breifly discussed tv shows.... Loveceaft Country and Good Lord Bird. 

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to Aries and Andy to come on our podcast again.... It wouldn't have been the same podcast without them. 

You can find the Spears and Steinburg podcast on all podcast platforms... or you can contact Aries directly at


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Welcome to year 2021! Last year was one of the worst global times in many many decades. We take a moment to be thankful we are here to see the new year.

Lets start the new year off in GA by making your voice count... VOTE... VOTE... VOTE...VOTE


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This week the girls continue the conversation on how and why they are still friends. Discussion include fair-weather friends...inner circles...and finally why guys are not worth dying for when being dramatic. 

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For our first podcast, we deep dive into girlfriends and talk about how we survived over 3 decades still be best friends. Through first loves, fights and drama....Nothing is perfect, and don’t expect us to be the exception. We may fight occasionally, but always will be have each others back when it counts!

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